Gamified Therapy for
Teens with ASD

Combined physical, cognitive, and emotional 1-on-1 therapy program for teens age 12+

Start immediately. No waitlist.

Start immediately. No waitlist.

Our approach honors your child’s uniqueness & abilities while building skills to adapt to daily challenges

Cognitive skills
and focus

Verbal and
social skills

Functional skills

Reduce stress
and anxiety

1-on-1 therapy appointments adapted to your child’s individual needs

Your child engages in therapy

All from the comfort of home

Their dedicated therapist

Builds and guides a comprehensive program
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Join other families using VR therapy for ASD

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If your insurance is not accepted, we offer an affordable Direct Pay Plan. We can also assist with applying for insurance coverage. Learn more when you schedule a call with us.

Get started with these easy steps

Schedule a call with us and we’ll set up a clinical evaluation with you, your child, and a therapist

We send you a FREE VR headset to start the home treatment plan

Weekly online sessions with the therapist and your child

Your child will embark on a fun, engaging developmental journey

Schedule a call with us and we’ll set up a clinical evaluation with you, your child, and a therapist

We send you a FREE VR headset to start the home treatment plan

Meet your therapist every week for an online personalized session

Meet your therapist every week for an online personalized session

Schedule today and set a clinical evaluation with one of our therapists

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Therapy through VR is a fully immersive experience, which provides nervous system regulation Рfrom the anxious fight-flight state to a parasympathetic state of calm and ease. The apps are designed with a CBT foundation and elicit a nervous system reset, both in the moment, and carrying over into daily function.  

Our therapists, which include Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists and Mental Health Professionals, create a personalized treatment plan for each patient and apply the appropriate therapies and interventions. Based on the patient’s needs, they use our FDA-registered Virtual Reality (VR) applications as an intervention to minimize symptoms and maximize abilities, functions, and daily activities. 

No. We provide (on loan) all our patients with a compatible, easy-to-use VR headset that is pre-loaded with our applications. 

No. Our Virtual Reality applications are medical applications and can only be done on the VR headset that we provide. Each patient will receive a VR Telehealth Kit (on loan), which includes one virtual reality headset and two hand controllers. The VR headset is personalized for you by your XRHealth clinician, who loads the appropriate medical applications onto your VR headset.   

The frequency and length of appointments will depend on your insurance coverage. Usually, our therapy appointments are between 30-60 minutes and take place 1-2 times per week. When you enroll we will determine the therapy program that is right for you.  

Not necessarily, but it will depend on each child’s comfort level with the VR. If your child is under 18, we ask that you help them enroll in our program and attend at least the Initial Clinical Evaluation and the first VR session. From there, some children may be able to do the therapy on their own, with their therapist guiding them; but others may need assistance or supervision from a parent or guardian.  

XRHealth is a virtual clinic that provides medical and therapeutic treatments via telehealth. Virtual reality (VR) therapy treatments are delivered via FDA-registered medical VR applications, guided by licensed clinicians. 

Step 1: Sign up, tell us a little about you and your symptoms, and choose an XRHealth clinician.  
Step 2: Meet your clinician on a live, online video evaluation, where your clinician performs a clinical evaluation and establishes a plan of care. Then, we’ll ship a VR Telehealth Kit to your home.   
Step 3: Feel better! Show up to your telehealth appointments and complete your skilled therapy sessions with the VR Telehealth Kit. You’ll receive ongoing guidance from your XRHealth clinician during your plan of care.

We operate virtual clinics, so our therapy programs are 100% remote and delivered via telehealth. We send you a VR headset to do therapy from home while our therapists connect with you remotely via secure Zoom video calls.

Why XRHealth therapy is right for you

  • Engaging VR games make therapy fun
  • From the comfort and convenience of home
  • Decrease anxiety, improve attention and work on social skills
  • Outside of sessions, practive games independently
  • Chat with your therapist anytime via our mobile app
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