Dealing with Chronic Pain at Night: In the Back, Hips, Legs & More

If you experience chronic pain at night you’ll recognize the feeling of discomfort in the wee small hours. Of not quite knowing which position will deliver relief. Of battling to fall – and stay – asleep. But why do ailments seem like a vampirish affliction? What is it about the rise of the moon that […]

How to Help a Child with Autism So They Can Thrive!

child playing with robot symbolizing how to help a child with autism - featured image

As a neuro-developmental disability, autism can impact a child’s behavior, way of communicating, social interaction, and ability to interact with the environment and others. This may bring challenges for a child and their parents. The research shows that, for parents, the experience of distress, impaired mental health, fatigue, frustration, lower levels of resilience, poorer quality […]

How Long Does Physical Therapy Take?

how long does-physical therapy take - featured image

It’s a common question. As you think about your journey towards relief and recovery, an expected timeline will likely be of interest. How long will it be until you feel — and get — better? How many sessions will you need? How long is a physical therapy session anyway? In this article, we’ll dive into […]

MS vs Fibromyalgia: What are the Key Differences?

Do you suffer from widespread pain? Do your muscles ache or spasm? Is fatigue a very real problem that affects both your body and your brain? Symptoms like these can feel overwhelming. Getting answers from your doctor can be difficult. So, you might do what many people do… Turn to Dr Google. But searching the […]

Chronic Pain and Fatigue: How to Cope with the Symptoms

woman with chronic pain and fatigue

Do you struggle with chronic pain? Has exhaustion sapped your mojo? Have you wondered if these two problems are interlinked? (They are!) Chronic pain and fatigue often go hand in hand. But before we dive into why, and give you evidence-based advice on how to cope, let’s look at the definitions to ensure we’re on […]

What To Do When Chronic Pain Becomes Too Much

middle aged woman with fibro neck pain

Do you experience chronic pain with flares that are overwhelming? Does your discomfort rarely drop to a level that you can manage well? Is your mental health suffering because physical agony is ripping apart your brain and emotions? An estimated 20% of Americans have chronic pain. But eight in every 100 — that’s 19.6 million […]