Fibromyalgia in Females: Women’s Symptoms & Treatment Options

woman suffering in bed with fibromyalgia

For years, fibromyalgia and its diagnosis remained misunderstood, overlooked. Many health professionals denied its existence and patients — particularly women — continued to suffer. In recent times, greater awareness of this disabling condition has been reached. However, it still takes, on average, 2.3 years from first presentation and 3.7 physicians to get diagnosed.  In this […]

Is CBT Bad or Good for Physical & Mental Health?

CBT therapy

Ever since Freud popularized psychoanalysis at the tail end of the 19th century, folks have turned to psychotherapy for support with everything from understanding their unconscious mind to finding ways to cope with unmanageable emotions or shifting difficult thoughts and behaviors. With traditional psychoanalysis, patients might see the same therapist for a year or more, […]

7 Practical Ways to Manage Living with Chronic Pain

If you’ve ever said, “Chronic pain is ruining my life!”, there is hope and we’re glad you’re here. There is hope. There are science-backed ways to find respite. Living with Chronic Pain Chronic pain — physical discomfort that sticks around for months or years — is common. More than 1 in 5 Americans suffer from […]

Healthcare Digital Transformation: 7 Digital Health Trends to Watch in 2022

Healthcare is undergoing a radical transformation. While accelerated by necessity during the pandemic, the world has been in transition for years. But, there are incredible changes yet to come. Changes that will enhance patient-practitioner communication. Reduce errors. Lead to greater flexibility, accuracy, and access. Together, these will deliver better outcomes for you, the patient. You […]

Chronic Pain Journal & Diary: Track Your Chronic Pain

Do you suffer from chronic pain? If so, you’re not alone. An estimated one in five Americans do too, with more than one in three experiencing high-impact pain. Pain that has been present for more than three months can interfere with the ability to: work study perform chores exercise and many things you may love […]

5 Options for Anxiety Treatment Without Pills

We all experience stress and anxiety in our everyday lives. Stress before a work presentation, school exam, or driving test pumps up our adrenalin, cortisol, and other neurochemicals that get us going. It is a normal, and even essential part of modern-day living. However, when our level of stress becomes excessive and lasts beyond the […]

5 Tips to Help With Your Treatment Adherence & Compliance

lack of adherence to therapy | Man holding head in therapy

Quality healthcare and your ability to achieve the results you deserve depend, in part, on treatment compliance— On being able to stick to the plan, so to speak. While it would be lovely if a solitary consultation could transform your biology, recovery just doesn’t happen like this. It can’t… because it’s not the way we, […]

Critical Ways COVID-19 Has Forever<br>Impacted Digital Healthcare (For The Better)

telehealth doctor on tablet with patient

There’s no way around it: COVID-19 has profoundly changed healthcare. Prior to the global pandemic, face-to-face consultations were the definitive norm. This fact bore costs related to travel, limited choice, and maintained a reliance on people and slow tech. If you require ongoing care, the commitment to recovery meant not just time spent in consultation […]

How to Improve Sitting Tolerance in Autism: Activities and Guidance

improve sitting tolerance with activities - two teens doing homework

Children on the autism spectrum often have trouble tolerating sedentary activities, particularly sitting still. Sitting or lack thereof may not sound like a big deal in theory, but sitting tolerance is a critical aspect of the learning process. It can have significant consequences on the child’s performance at school, social interactions, and family relationships. Sitting […]

Can Chronic Pain Cause Depression?

woman with chronic pain and depression lying down wearing a white jumper

Chronic pain can be a debilitating condition that can take a physical and mental toll on you. If you are constantly dealing with pain, it can take interfere with your social interactions, work performance, and even diminish your ability to be intimate with someone. This could be why chronic pain is a major contributor to […]