5 Ways Virtual Reality Is Disrupting the Healthcare Industry

Virtual Reality (VR) is Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry in many Unexpected Ways Unexpected, because whenever VR is mentioned, entertainment and games are what comes to mind for most people. However, VR has positively changed the lives of many people suffering from several medical conditions, while also significantly improving the effectiveness of clinicians and physicians’ work […]

How Virtual Reality Is Bridging the Gap Between Healthcare and Gaming

What We Learned from Two of the Biggest Conferences in the World – HIMSS and GDC We are standing at the edge of change in the digital healthcare industry, and it’s all thanks to Virtual Reality. You may be asking yourself, “How does he know?!” Well, in the last couple of weeks, I attended both […]

Future Vision 2025 – A New Reality in Healthcare

… “Alexa, stop!” John woke up to the sound of one of Lady Gaga’s greatest hits, his favorite singer 15 years ago. “What do I have on my schedule today?” — he whispered to the empty room, his eyes still closed. “For today, November 21st, 2025, you have your rotator cuff’s surgery at Grand Hospital […]