How Virtual Reality Is Revolutionizing Surgeon Training Programs

VR Technology Makes it Easier Than Ever for Surgeons to Practice Difficult Procedures   Virtual reality is improving the quality of healthcare throughout the world in many ways. Helping surgeons train more effectively is one of them. Surgeons must practice operations and procedures numerous times to boost their skills. This isn’t easy when there are […]

Virtual Reality in Physical Therapy 101

 Why VR is Bound to Revolutionize Physical Therapy Many of us, at one point or another in our lives, have been involved in accidents that end up causing extensive physical damage, rendering the normal functioning of the body hard or nigh impossible. It could’ve been a car accident, a mishap at the place of work […]

Virtual Reality and Healthcare  —  Where Did It All Start?

VR: More than just video games Virtual Reality (VR) has long been associated with gaming. In fact, I bet that if you read or heard the term, you’d instantly relate it to a form of engaging entertainment. Right? But what if I told you that VR’s possibilities don’t just end with a really fun experience (and […]

How Virtual Reality Is Bridging the Gap Between Healthcare and Gaming

What We Learned from Two of the Biggest Conferences in the World – HIMSS and GDC We are standing at the edge of change in the digital healthcare industry, and it’s all thanks to Virtual Reality. You may be asking yourself, “How does he know?!” Well, in the last couple of weeks, I attended both […]

A Patient’s Perspective: How Virtual Reality is Changing Physical Therapy

A Walk through the Rehabilitation Process using Traditional Physical Therapy Methods vs. Virtual Reality – Assisted Healing You need surgery after injuring your neck. As you plan for your surgery you consider how this will affect your daily routine, the time you’ll need to take off school or work and how you’re going to get […]

How Virtual Reality Is Transporting Patients from Painful Treatments

From Theory to Practice, Studies Explore How VR Could Bring Relief to Burn Care Pain’s meant to tell us when there’s something in need of healing. In that way, it is a necessary part of life. Unfortunately, it can go beyond this function and leave us in a state of suffering. While prescription pain medications […]

Is Virtual Reality the Key to PTSD Recovery in Combat Vets?

Evidence Shows Virtual Reality Tech Helps Vets with PTSD Recovery When Other Methods Fail   Military veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) often experience severe anxiety when exposed to images, sounds, or other stimuli that trigger memories of combat. That’s why exposure therapy is one of the most popular forms of treatment for PTSD […]

Virtual Reality as an Effective Medical Tool

From Medical Research to Pain Management, VR is being used in today’s healthcare in more ways that you’d expect   If you reading this blog that means that you are interested in the amazing potential of the combination of VR and Healthcare. You are in the right place. So, let’s start … As we all know by […]

Future Vision 2025 – A New Reality in Healthcare

… “Alexa, stop!” John woke up to the sound of one of Lady Gaga’s greatest hits, his favorite singer 15 years ago. “What do I have on my schedule today?” — he whispered to the empty room, his eyes still closed. “For today, November 21st, 2025, you have your rotator cuff’s surgery at Grand Hospital […]