Coronavirus (COVID-19) Patients and Healthcare Professionals Utilize VR Telehealth

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak people around the world are forced to make drastic changes to their lifestyle. Those who are infected, are quarantined or in self-isolation. Others, including healthcare professionals are adjusting workflows to minimize exposure.

By harnessing the advantages of VR, the XRHealth platform offers both patients and healthcare professionals an effective way of dealing with the negative impact imposed by this novel situation.
XRHealth enables healthcare professionals to interact with their patients and monitor their condition remotely, thus eliminating the need for personal exposure.

Patients benefit from a variety of options for:

  • Stress and anxiety – Fully immersive, virtual reality breathing exercises, meditation and guided imagery helps alleviate stress and anxiety. VR 360° nature films and experiences can also help negate the monotony of being quarantined.

  • Physical activity – fun and engaging virtual reality exercises for movement and range of motion, tailored to individual needs. Even when confined to limited space, or when sedentary, these activities assist in maintaining a healthy daily routine, as well as elevate mood levels and a sense of vitality.

  • Cognitive exercises – VR apps for memory, attention, processing & decision-making speed, in a fun and challenging way.

  • Support groups – hosted by certified healthcare professionals, patients can interact in groups of up to 10 people. Sharing experiences, discussing challenges and fears, help in coping and alleviating social isolation.
XRHealth headset

The XRHealth platform is a great solution for people of all ages. Tailored to individual needs, with an intuitive user interface. The XRHealth mobile app enables performance monitoring and activity reminders. Clinicians can control the applications in real-time and monitor the condition and progress of their patients.

For Patients

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