8 apps that will make your life easier as a psychologist

8 apps that will make your life easier as a psychologist

We present 8 applications for mobiles and computers that are almost essential to organize your agenda, get patients, study, research, communicate with colleagues, and publish articles. Eight resources that will make your daily work much more efficient.

1. Amelia Virtual Care for Smartphones

Amelia Virtual Care for Smartphones is the new solution by Amelia Virtual Care for remotely delivering virtual reality interventions to your clients. Combines the benefits of virtual reality with the freedom brought by teletherapy. With this app, you can personalize each session according to the needs of your patient, and give them the opportunity to practice techniques between sessions. More info: Amelia Virtual Care for Smartphones.

Price: The app is free for patients. The therapist must subscribe to the Amelia Virtual Care platform.

Available: Android and iOS.

2. AirPersons

This application provides a platform for freelancers who offer an online consulting service. Originally intended for professionals, especially lawyers and psychologists, it currently has a database where various services are offered (tutoring, technical services and astrological consultations, among others). All inquiries can be made via video chat or video call. Unlike other services, AirPersons allows you to charge directly. More info: airpersons.com

Price: free.

For: Android, iOS, any browser.

3. Todoist

It is intended to create tasks, with subtasks and priorities, notifications and comments. The most advanced options, not all available in the free version, allow you to: keep statistics of completed tasks, productivity charts, set daily and weekly goals. It is very easy to integrate with other applications such as Zapier, Twist, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc., it allows you to have everything centralized, from anywhere and on any device. More info: https://todoist.com

Price: free or USD 5 / month.

Platforms: Windows, Apple, iOS, Android.

4. DSM-5 Criteria (American Psychiatric Association)

It is the digital and interactive version of one of the leading reference manuals for psychiatry and clinical psychology, the DSM of the American Psychiatric Association. It allows quick access to DSM criteria and codes, so that professionals and students can integrate the latest information in their practice and study. Users have full, offline access to all sets of criteria, as well as online access to videos, feedback, and support. More info: psychiatry.org.

Price: USD 70.

Platforms: Android, iOS. The app is downloaded from GooglePlay or the AppStore.

5. 3D Brain (DNA Learning Center)

3D Brain is an interactive brain map that allows users to rotate the brain in a three-dimensional image. It includes maps of 29 structures with information on brain damage, case studies and links to modern research that is constantly updated. Developed by Harvard University and others. More info: Dna Learning Center

Price: free.

For: Android, iOS.

6. Google Docs (Google Inc.)

Google Docs is an excellent choice among text editors and very popular with all kinds of professionals. It is compatible with Word and most of the programs intended for this. It has a web version that works with any browser and an app that allows writing and editing individually or collaboratively. Everything that is written and edited in Google Docs is automatically uploaded to the private space that Google assigns to its users. In this way, you can always access your documents from anywhere and on any device. It is perfect for research and study teams. To make APA referrals less cumbersome, GoogleDocs offers the option to automate them.

Price: free.

For: Windows, Apple, iOS, Android.

7. Mendeley

It is a tool excellent for your PDFs in folders and indexing them according to the topics you are investigating. You can also make notes in the documents and then export the bibliographic list in the APA format to a Word document. For more info: mendeley.com

Price: free

For: iOS, Android, Windows, Apple, Linux.

8. Cite this for me

Ideal to automate the bibliographic references of books that you have in their paper version. You can take a photo of the barcode of the book with your cell phone so that Cite this for me gives you the bibliographic references in the format you want. More info: citethisforme.com

Price: free.

For: Android, iOS.


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