Surprise Bill Policy

It is the patient’s responsibility to determine if we participate with their insurance, the benefits that are covered under their policy and to follow up directly with their insurance carrier. We notify patients that we will bill the insurance company as a courtesy and that the patient will be responsible for any balance due.

When patients provide insurance information at the time the appointment is scheduled, XRHealth will ensure coverage and benefits and then we notify the patient before their appointment to inform them what their cost will be. For all other visits, insurance coverage is run through an insurance eligibility program so that staff can let patients know what their responsibility may be for that day’s visit.

When making patient referrals, XRHealth will provide patients with the name, address and telephone number of the referral provider and advise patients to check with the referral provider and their insurance company if the services will be covered.

If a patient receives what they deem a “surprise bill” they should send an e-mail to for our Billing department.

If they feel their issue is not resolved, they may visit the Department of Financial Services website of their governing state.

A patient may also contact the Department of Health of their governing state, if they have a complaint, or complete a Health Facility Complaint Form on the DOH website of their governing state.