Virtual Treatment Rooms

Registered Medical Applications by XRHealth IL Ltd.


Virtual Treatment Rooms
in the Metaverse

XRHealth is spearheading the healthcare revolution in the metaverse by combining proprietary FDA-registered VR/AR apps with telehealth. Now, you can get the personalized care you deserve conveniently in virtual treatment rooms with licensed therapists. And it’s fun! At last, therapy can feel more like play and less like work.

All our virtual reality apps are compatible with PICO Neo 2 VR headset.

VRCogni Series

Retrain your brain with game-like medical applications designed to support your memory, attention, reaction time, and more.

VRPhysio Series

Assess your range of motion, mobility, and more with advanced technology and train your body with fun, immersive games to feel more like yourself again.

VRReliever Series

Replace your unhealthy thoughts and behaviors with healthier ones with cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) inspired therapeutic apps.

Color Match Motor & Cognitive
Virtual Treatment Room

Upper extremity rehabilitation and motor-cognitive exercises.

VRCogni MC-320

FDA Registered

UDI: 7290016986075

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Re-Act Virtual Treatment Room
for Cognitive Training

Cognitive training game, providing personal health data through precision measurements of processing speed, attention and  decision making processes.


VRCogni CT-610

FDA Registered

UDI: 7290016986105

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Memorize Virtual Treatment Room
for Cognitive Training

Cognitive training for executive functions and memory span, providing personal health data through precision measurements.


VRCogni CT-620

FDA Registered

UDI: 7290016986112

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A10tion Cognitive Training Application

Immersive therapeutic application indicated to train and improve cognitive function of patients with diagnosed ADHD.

VRCBT A10tion AT-910

FDA Registered

UDI: 7290016986143

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Balloon Blast Upper Back, Neck and
Shoulder Virtual Treatment Room

Upper Extremity Rehabilitation and Active Shoulder ROM Assessment Application.

VRPhysio MT-220 

FDA Registered

UDI: 7290016986082

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Rotate Neck Training
Virtual Treatment Room

Neck exercise application provides analytics on various measurements and metrics, including range of motion, smoothness of motion and rate of improvement.

VRPhysio N-140

FDA Registered

UDI: 7290016986099

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Relax8 Virtual Treatment Room
for Meditation and Pain Relief

Meditation for self-management of pain that helps calm and relax your mind. Select guided meditation or breathing techniques to cope with pain.

VRReliever MD-710

FDA Registered

UDI: 7290016986129

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Luna CBT Virtual Treatment Room for
Symptom Management

Luna, the AI therapist, offers VR experiences that engage the brain to support healing and self-management of pain and hot flashes.

VRReliever CB-510

FDA Registered

UDI: 7290016986068

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Mindset Stress Management
Virtual Treatment Room

Healing media center app, based on a variety of proven wellness and cognitive therapy methods.

VRReliever PD-810

FDA Registered

UDI: 7290016986136

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Connect Virtual Treatment Room
for Group Therapy

Hosted by certified healthcare professionals, patients can interact in groups of up to 10 people. Group members can share experiences, discuss challenges and fears, help members with coping strategies. and alleviate social isolation via real-time interaction.

Wellness Application

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Create XR Art therapy and emotion regulation

The virtual treatment room is a 3D canvas where patients use their imaginations to paint their own worlds into reality. Includes multiplayer mode to strengthen your 1:1 therapeutic relationship.

Wellness Application

Data Portal

The Data Portal provides real-time, aggregated data of every measurement and training performed in the VR applications.

The portal’s interface enables therapists to view patients progress over time, create and adjust patients training plans and more.

The Data Portal provides an end-to-end solution for telehealth and remote patient monitoring.

External Control

With our state-of-the-art External Control, XRHealth therapists can control and monitor patients’ live VR sessions, as well as make any necessary adjustments in real-time.

External Control can be accessed from a PC or Android tablet. Available for download from the Microsoft store or Mac App Store.

The Mobile App

Patients have access to the XRHealth mobile app upon enrolling for an Online Evaluation with a therapist. 

The mobile app helps patients to track their progress and results, and to follow their digital training plan. 

The app includes CliniChat, an easy and secure messaging feature for patients and their XRHealth therapist to stay connected during their treatment plan. 

Available for free download.


XRHealth IL Ltd. has established a quality management system that indicates a commitment to quality and gives an assurance that its services and products are safe, accurate and effective, meet customer requirements, and comply with all applicable standards and regulations. XRHealth IL Ltd. is accredited for the EN ISO-13485:2016 AND ISO-27001:2013 standards by SII, the Standard Institution of Israel. It also complies with the requirements of the US FDA 21 CFR Part 820, to those of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and is further audited on a regular basis by customers and interested parties.

XRHealth IL Ltd. compliance obligations in terms of information security include, in addition to the ISO 27001:2013 accreditation, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) which addresses various security and privacy aspects in managing Protected Health Information (PHI) of US residents, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which addresses various security aspects in managing protected Personally Identified Information (PII) and the Privacy Low of Israel.

Release Notes



Step 1: Sign-up. Get paired with your matched healthcare professional.
Step 2: Live-video appointment to discuss symptoms & goals
Step 3: Get your VR Telehealth Kit
Step 4: Get recovering! Receive periodic guidance and video chats from your healthcare professional.

You can use your telehealth kit wherever you’re comfortable. Your headset is wireless and does not require a computer.

Like all healthcare, costs vary depending on your symptoms and treatments. However, we can proudly say that XRHealth is fully covered by most health insurance plans. We also deal with your insurance provider directly, so you can focus on your recovery.

Once you sign up and speak with your matched healthcare professional, we will ship your personalized telehealth kit right to your door. Shipping is free.


We are licensed to provide our service anywhere in the United States.

Our treatments are a mix of real and virtual environments, games, and exercises that are designed to be fun and effective. You might explore a forest, swing a sword, or swing your virtual fists.


As you use your VR Telehealth Kit, your matched healthcare professional will keep reviewing your progress, and contact you with adjustments and guidance. Throughout the month you can also set up video calls to get ask and questions you may have, and get in-depth reports of your recovery.

Aside from being completely remote, XRHealth uses technology to assist your recovery like never before. Our applications are designed to not only guide, but measure your movements. This has never been possible with traditional recovery and gives your matched healthcare professional actionable data.

Also, it’s fun! The problem with traditional therapy is that it is neglected. With XRHealth, you’ll be stopping yourself from using it too often.

If you suffer from upper back, neck, or shoulder pain, stress, respiratory issues, TBI, memory decline, neurological issues, or even hot flashes, chances are that XRHealth can help.

Your initial appointment with your matched healthcare professional will also determine whether XRHealth can help you.


XRHealth compatible headsets are Pico Neo II, Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, and HTC Vive Focus.

The probability of any patients experiencing side effects while using our medical VR technology is very low.

If we shipped you a headset, then yes. This is one way we keep costs as low as possible. Return shipping costs are on us.

We provide all of our patients with a compatible, easy-to-use headset. If you already have a compatible VR headset (Pico Neo, HTC, Oculus Quest, or Oculus Go), your XR clinician can load it with your prescribed applications remotely.

No problem. Our Virtual Reality Telehealth Kit comes ready to use. No wires or computers. Each VR treatment also has easy to follow tutorials, and don’t forget, you have your matched healthcare professional to guide you.

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