VR telehealth just got smarter

VR in Healthcare

The first-of-its-kind, closed-loop system for integration between a smartwatch and a VR headset was recently granted a patent. The approved solution utilizes approaches that incorporate biofeedback into extended reality therapy. The novel technology enables VR therapy to detect pain and address patients’ physical needs in real-time.

The VR therapy applications will integrate with smart devices, like the Apple Watch, that include medical-grade, FDA-cleared measures. Biofeedback measures, such as heart rate variability, EEG, and galvanic skin response, will be sent to the VR headset device while it is in use.

By incorporating biofeedback with VR therapy, the plan of care can be customized for each patient based on their unique needs and can enhance the patients’ experience overall. In addition, access to biofeedback allows clinicians to be better informed on how their patients are responding to the therapy and enables adjustments to the plan of care, if needed.

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