Virtual physical therapist: Online, evidence-based, and effective

Drug-free, personalized physical therapy from the comfort of your home

Do you live with chronic pain? Have you suffered from an illness or injury and want to retrain your body to function well? Would you love to improve your mobility and movement? Do you need to boost your balance to lessen the chance of a fall?

Physical therapy is an evidence-based treatment approach that will help you to regain strength and function, increase your stability and flexibility, and heal. With the advent of innovation, online physical therapy has become an established option for effective treatment; VR physical therapy in particular. This cutting edge treatment harnesses the power of virtual reality to enhance results.

A customized virtual physical therapy program can help you — or someone you love — reclaim a higher level of function and promote physical and psychological well being. Activities that have been abandoned may be rediscovered. A higher quality lifestyle can be restored. Further loss of condition and ability may be prevented.

Life can improve!


Virtual reality systems for online physical therapy

While receiving treatment from a virtual physical therapist is powerful, the introduction of physical therapy VR — treatment that incorporates virtual reality and physical therapy — has revolutionized care.

At XR Health, we combine exclusive FDA-registered virtual reality apps with telehealth. Your dedicated degree-qualified, licensed therapist will create a personalized care plan for you that blends traditional and scientific knowledge with advanced technology.

The result is convenient virtual treatment that is effective and fun! Our clients love the results they achieve, and how therapy feels more like play and less like work.

VR Physical Therapy at Home

Engaging Therapy

The combination of virtual reality and physical therapy make treatment programs enjoyable. Instead of grimacing at the idea of hard work, you’ll enjoy playing games. Such an easy way to maximize your results.

Clinically Proven

Research has shown that online physical therapy may be an effective tool for treatment. By closely monitoring progress, timely program updates are implemented to promote success. The tools’ ability to rewire the brain also encourages recovery.

1:1 Support

Your dedicated therapist will meet with you regularly to deliver personalized care. Between sessions, you can ask questions or discuss your progress via our in-app messenger service. No more wasted time!

About XRHealth's Virtual Reality Physical Thrapy

There are a broad range of benefits to using our virtual reality programs for your physical therapy:
  • Real-time appointments with a dedicated, licensed physical therapist
  • Harness the power of one of the most promising advances in modern medicine
  • Receive care in the comfort of your home or office. Never commute again!
  • Your progress is monitored and evaluated carefully to maximize your results
  • Communicate with your therapist between sessions via our in-app messaging service
  • Reclaim your function, confidence, and physical and psychological well being

What's included?

  • VR headset sent to your home
  • Video calls and in-app messaging with your dedicated XRHealth therapist
  • Personalized plan-of-care, consistently updated based on your progress

Who is eligible?

    • If you’ve experiened discomfort for more than three months, you are likely experiencing a chronic condition and could be a good candidate for VR therapy.
    • VR Therapy is available for ages 12 and up.
    • Our medical VR applications treat specific health conditions. In rare situations, you might not be eligible to use VR if it is contraindicated due to another medical condition.
During your initial evaluation appointment, the XRHealth therapist will determine if XRHealth VR therapy is right for you.

Where do we operate?

We provide services in MA, CA, FL, IL, GA, NY, and NJ.

In MA, we work with Tufts, Harvard Pilgrim, BCBS, Medicare, and Allways insurance providers.

Medicare also covers members in FL, CA, IL. In IL, we work with BCBS PPO.