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Online Physical Therapy

Discover a revolutionary approach to physical therapy that’s both convenient and effective. At XRHealth, we’re dedicated to enhancing your rehabilitation journey with our Online Physical Therapy. Your personalized path to recovery starts here. 

Your path to a new level of Physical Therapy rehabilitation

Our comprehensive approach to online physical therapy ensures you receive tailored treatment that’s just for you. Step by step, we guide you on your path to recovery, with the support of our dedicated team of therapists. 

1Step One

Sign up, tell us a little about you and your symptoms, and choose an XRHealth therapist. 

2Step Two

Meet your therapist in a live, online video appointment. Your therapist performs a clinical evaluation and establishes a plan of care. Then, we’ll ship a VR Telehealth Kit to your home. 

3Step Three

Feel better! Show up to your telehealth appointments and complete your skilled therapy sessions with the VR Telehealth Kit. You’ll receive ongoing guidance from your XRHealth therapist during your plan of care. 

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What's included in the VR kit for Physical Therapy at home?

VR headset sent to your home

Use your VR headset during telehealth sessions with your therapist and also for daily exercises on your own. 

Video calls and in-app messaging

You will have regular remote calls with your therapist, plus the option to message your therapist at any time. 

Personalized plan-of-care

You and your therapist will work together to build a custom care plan for your needs. Your therapist will monitor your activity between visits to help make sure you’re staying safe and on track. 

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Take the first step towards virtual rehabilitation. Start your virtual rehab therapy now!

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Discover the full spectrum of Online Physical Therapy services

Virtual Reality for pain management
closeup-elderly-handsVirtual Reality parkinson’s
Physical Therapy for multiple sclerosis
Physical Therapy for neuropathy
Physical Therapy for fibromyalgia
Woman practicing physical activity outdoors feeling liberated and relaxedPhysical Therapy for stroke
Physical Therapy for arthritis
Physical Therapy for migraines
Physical Therapy for headache
top-view-person-holding-brainPhysical Therapy for traumatic brain injury
Physical Therapy for ADHD
landscape of a blurred window with rain and depressive stylePhysical Therapy for depression
Woman with worried expression, hands on forehead, with stress and anxietyPhysical Therapy for anxiety
Physical Therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorder
Physical Therapy for eating disorders
War veteran sitting on a therapist's couch, placing his hand on his head in distressPhysical Therapy for trauma
Physical Therapy for osteoporosis

Thousands of patients have already benefited from XRHealth Online Physical Therapy

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Joseph O.

Parkinson’s Disease

XRHealth has really good Physical Therapists that work with you to create a personal plan…”

Pamela P.

Shoulder Pain & Stress

I was pleasantly surprised by how much of a difference it made… I have much better range of motion…”

John M.

Pain Management and Stroke Rehabilitation

I’m still seeing things that can apply to my disabilities and so much other

Stephanie Q.

Pain Management

I didn’t have to get in the car, wait in a waiting room, then do my Physical Therapy…”

Revolutionizing Physical rehabilitation

There are a broad range of benefits to using our virtual reality programs for your physical therapy: 


Access therapy from the comfort of your home 

Personalized treatment

Tailored treatment plans designed just for you. 

Professional support

 Receive real-time appointments with a licensed physical therapist. You can also communicate with your therapist between sessions via our in-app messaging service 

Proven results

Reclaim your function, confidence, and physical and psychological wellbeing with therapy that works. 

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How is Virtual Reality used in Physical Therapy?

Our virtual reality therapy treatments are delivered via FDA-registered medical VR applications and guided by licensed therapists. Virtual reality allows physical therapists to personalize treatment plans and easily track your progress, to maximize your treatment outcomes.  

How Effective are Online Physical Therapy sessions?

Online physical therapy sessions are not only effective, but they are a safe and convenient way to do physical therapy.  

How does Online Physical Therapy differs from traditional Physical Therapy methods?

Online physical therapy differs from traditional methods in terms of location, accessibility, technology integration, customization, and convenience.  

There is no need to travel to a physical clinic, as our online physical therapy sessions are conducted 100% remotely.  

Additionally, our virtual reality technology offers an innovative and fun way to do therapy. No more boring exercises.  

Is this a Virtual Physical Therapy app?

XRHealth offers a virtual clinic with licensed, caring therapists. 

When you sign up for physical therapy, you are paired with a dedicated therapist who will guide your treatment process. 

Do I need technical skills to use the VR Physical Therapy kit?

No technical skills are required. We provide all the necessary guidance and support to make using the VR Physical Therapy Kit easy and accessible for everyone.

Is Physical rehabilitation with VR safe for me?

Absolutely. Our virtual rehabilitation programs are designed with your safety in mind. Our experienced team ensures that the therapy is tailored to your needs and abilities, making it a safe and effective way to recover.