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Your patients deserve support, give it to them with Distraction Space

The XRHealth Distraction Space arms health systems with the latest and greatest technology to reduce clinical burden and improve patient outcomes. Our immersive content can effectively distract and redirect patients away from their physical pain, from the moment they enter the waiting room to their post-procedure recovery.  

Designed to be a “low-touch” experience for patients. This means, less interaction, less steps, less barriers to make it easier and faster for the users to launch the content they need. In other works, shorter time-to-therapy, and little or no effort from the clinician side. Including no login, no wifi setup, no boundary settings, etc.  

Providing a flexible setup, allowing to quickly change content and features. So every hospital or clinic can see only the content they choose.  

Offer a better
patient experience

Easy to set up and use

No wifi needed, just turn on and let patients choose their VR experiences 

FDA Registered medical applications

Choose from a range of registered medical applications


Helps distract patients from pain/anxiety procedures 


Distraction Space has shown to reduce anxiety and improve relaxation while waiting and between procedures by at least 10%

Use cases where Distraction Space can help your clinic

Stress relief
Preoperative anxiety reduction
Patient education
Palliative care comfort
Pain management
Relaxation pre/post procedures
Combat burnout
Improved waiting room experience

How Distraction Space works


Turn on device

Patients can simply switch on the headset to get started. No wifi or registration needed. 


Select the VR environment

The patient will automatically be sent to the homepage that shows the content library. Users can choose the VR content simply by looking at the content they wish to start. 



Users can feel immediate relief from symptoms without clinical intervention. 

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VR Therapy sessions


Patient adherence


Patient retention

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Discover our evidence based VR experience

Enter an XRHealth virtual treatment room in the metaverse for fun, game-like therapy.

Our licensed therapists work with you remotely, using a Virtual Reality (VR) headset that we provide, to personalize your treatment in real-time. 

Relax8 Breathing

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Body scanning

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Dolphins Healing Experience

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Guided Meditation

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Emotional regulation

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  • How is Virtual Reality used in Physical Therapy? 

    Our virtual reality therapy treatments are delivered via FDA-registered medical VR applications and guided by licensed therapists. Virtual reality allows physical therapists to personalize treatment plans and easily track your progress, to maximize your treatment outcomes.  

  • How effective are online Physical Therapy sessions?

    Online physical therapy sessions are not only effective, but they are a safe and convenient way to do physical therapy.  

  • How does online Physical Therapy differs from traditional Physical Therapy methods? 

    Online physical therapy differs from traditional methods in terms of location, accessibility, technology integration, customization, and convenience.  

    There is no need to travel to a physical clinic, as our online physical therapy sessions are conducted 100% remotely.  

    Additionally, our virtual reality technology offers an innovative and fun way to do therapy. No more boring exercises.  

  • Is this a Virtual Physical Therapy app?

    XRHealth offers a virtual clinic with licensed, caring therapists. 

    When you sign up for physical therapy, you are paired with a dedicated therapist who will guide your treatment process. 

  • Do I need technical skills to use the VR Physical therapy kit?

    No technical skills are required. We provide all the necessary guidance and support to make using the VR Physical Therapy Kit easy and accessible for everyone. 

  • Is physical rehabilitation with VR safe for me?

    Absolutely. Our virtual rehabilitation programs are designed with your safety in mind. Our experienced team ensures that the therapy is tailored to your needs and abilities, making it a safe and effective way to recover.