Email/SMS Policy

This Email/SMS Policy was last updated on April 10th, 2022.

By providing my telephone number and/or email address to XRHealth, I agree to allow XRHealth to communicate with me (including via text message) unless I specifically request an alternative method of communication.

XRHealth includes only the minimum amount of identifiable information in email and text message communication, but I acknowledge that such communications may contain some confidential information about me, including that I am a patient of XRHealth. XRHealth cannot guarantee the privacy or confidentiality of text messages or emails that travel over the public internet or my carrier’s network.

XRHealth cannot guarantee that such messages will be actually received, opened, and read by the intended recipient.

I acknowledge that I can opt out at any time and stop receiving marketing material via email or text message. Except for the above, I acknowledge that, even if I opt out, I will continue to receive essential information relevant to my treatment and necessary for it via email or text message.