Boost your telehealth benefits.

XRHealth Virtual Clinic offers enjoyable, engaging treatments from the comfort of home.

Help your team disconnect, recharge, and feel better anywhere, anytime.

XRHealth Virtual Clinic offers:

  • At-home treatments for a range of physical, cognitive, and behavioral health conditions
  • Virtual Reality (VR) headset, pre-loaded with immersive medical and therapeutic applications, sent to your front door
  • Trusted therapists perform a clinical evaluation, create a personalized plan of care, and guide skilled therapy appointments 
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We partner with innovative companies

Why companies introduce XRHealth to employees

Group 779

Cost-effective care

We are an in-network provider with most insurance companies. Employees are covered according to their plan’s benefits. 

Complete convenience

Entirely virtual care experience from enrollment to discharge – employees get better from anywhere, anytime. And its no extra work on your end, it’s already an available benefit and we’ll help you tell your employees about us.

Group 831
Group 876

Attractive benefit

Show employees they are valued and attract top talent with state-of-the-art virtual care. Immersive, 360° VR treatments are a mix of real and virtual environments – the most advanced and fun way to get better.

We're different from other telehealth

Our virtual care experience is more than a video call or messaging app, it’s a completely engaging experience.

Disconnect from reality

Working from home means never leaving work, or going anywhere, really. With XRHealth, you can step into virtual treatment rooms that are out of this world.

Instant relief

Wait times to see a therapist or clinician are longer than ever. Rather than scheduling an appointment six weeks out, simply put on your XRHealth VR headset to feel better. 

Feel motivated

When you’re in a treatment program, it can be difficult to find the willpower to do the exercise “homework” on their own. With XRHealth, you won’t want to stop, and you can track your own progress and improvement. 

In-network with most insurance plans

High praise from patients

See how XRHealth can improve your employee benefits.