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Knee Pain / Injury

Pain Management

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Respiratory Recovery /
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Cognitive / Memory

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Reduce Chronic Pain With VR at Home

Engaging Therapy

The combination of virtual reality and physical therapy makes treatment programs enjoyable. 


Clinically Proven

Your therapist closely monitors your progress, adapting your treatment plan to promote success.


1:1 Support

Your therapist meets with you regularly to deliver personalized care. Between sessions, ask questions or discuss your progress via our in-app messenger. 

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Your therapist guides your recovery

Your immersive experience at home

Play & move to recover yourstrength, mobility & range of motion

Your dedicated therapist

Remotely monitors and guides you based on your personal goals and progress data

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Our Virtual Therapy is Safe and Secure




About XRHealth VR Pain Management

There are several benefits to using our virtual reality therapy programs for pain management:

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What to expect

1) Meet your therapist weekly

You’ll work together to build a custom plan for your needs that includes up to two virtual sessions a week—with the option to message your therapist any time.

3) Track your progress

Your therapist will monitor your activity between visits to help make sure you’re staying safe and on track.

2) Do your VR exercises

Use your VR headset during telehealth sessions with your therapist and also for daily exercises on your own.

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Specializes in: Chronic pain management, Shoulder and knee injuries, Post operative knee rehab, Sport related injuries, Spinal pain management
Lindsey Van Den Dungen
Lindsey Van Den DungenPhysical Therapist
Specializes in: Shoulder injuries, Stroke rehab, Mental health (stress, anxiety), Neurological disorders, Acute/Chronic pain syndromes
Vaishali Patel
Vaishali PatelOccupational Therapist
Specializes in: MSK, Mental Health, Stroke Rehab, Home Safety & Energy Conservation, Pain mgmt, Proper Body Mechanics.
Shelby Mansour
Shelby MansourOccupational Therapist
Specializes in: Spine rehab, orthopedics, post-operative rehab, shoulder and knee injuries, and running injuries
Sarah Ortiz
Sarah OrtizPhysical Therapist
Specializes in: Spinal cord injury rehabilitation, Ergonomics, Post-operative rehab, Pain mitigation, Anxiety Management
Ikechukwu Igbo
Ikechukwu IgboOccupational Therapist

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Conquer your pain and get your life back!

Virtual reality, long used for gaming, has, over the past several years, moved into the health field for pain management and relieving post-traumatic stress disorder.

XRHealth is one of the few companies focused on providing V.R. physical and occupational therapy at home.

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Education: Doctor of Physical Therapy from University of Michigan-Flint

Years in Practice: 10

Education: Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work from Grand Valley State University

Years in Practice: 14

Education: Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from Eastern Michigan University 

Years in Practice: 19