Meet Our Therapists

Our care team includes licensed Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists. All our therapists are professional, supportive, and determined to help you feel your best. Learn more by choosing from our therapists below. 
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Physical Therapists

Michael Clemente

Specializes in: Vestibular rehab, balance and fall disorders, neck pain disorder, thoracic spine pain disorder

Katherine Gleason

Specializes in: Neck pain, chronic pain management, orthopedics, low back pain, and post-operative rehab for shoulders and knees

Ricki Bartour

Specializes in: Neurological rehab, cervicalgia, shoulder injuries, lower back pain, upper back pain

Chad Zannotti

Specializes in: Rotator cuff injury, shoulder pain, shoulder impingement syndrome, neck pain, cervicothoracic pain, postural dysfunction

Daniel Foley

Specializes in: Spinal manipulation, applied functional sciences

Sarah Ortiz

Specializes in: Spine rehab, orthopedics, post-operative rehab, shoulder and knee injuries, and running injuries

Lindsey Van Den Dungen

Specializes in: Chronic pain management, shoulder and knee injuries, post-operative knee rehab, sport related injuries, spinal pain management

Lorna Brown

Specializes in: geriatrics, orthopedics, chronic pain, post-surgical rehab, strength training

Ashley Robinson

Specializes in: geriatrics, neuro, post surgical, movement disorders/ergonomics, lower body strengthening

Amanda Ladd

Specializes in: Vestibular Rehab, Balance & Fall Prevention, Running Injuries, Joint Replacement Prehab and Rehab, Core Strengthening

Casey Tarpey

Specializes in: Geriatrics, shoulder and knee injuries, balance disorders, post-op rehab and postural dysfunction

Deepali Sharma

Specializes in: Chronic pain, neck and shoulder injuries, balance and fall prevention, and dementia care.

Occupational Therapists

Helen Wood

Specializes in: Brain injury, stroke, spinal cord injury, pain management, upper extremities rehab with physical agent modalities, functional cognition rehab

Cati Rosson

Specializes in: Acute care setting with adults, women’s health, outpatient mental health, dementia care

Ikechukwu Igbo

Specializes in: Spinal cord injury rehab, ergonomics, post-operative rehab, pain mitigation, anxiety management

Vaishali Patel

Specializes in: Shoulder injuries, stroke rehab, mental health (stress & anxiety), neurological disorders, acute and chronic pain syndromes

Rachel Jalles

Specializes in: Traumatic brain injury and neurological disorders, mental health, older adults; certified in yoga and meditation

Samantha Wong

Specializes in: Stroke rehab, movement disorders, balance and fall prevention, home safety assessments, mindfulness/yoga certified

Wendy Mastrogiovanni

Specializes in: Pain management, Orthopedics, CVA recovery, gerontology, physical rehabilitation



Sarah Oosterhouse

Specializes in: Orthopedic injuries, stroke rehabilitation, fine motor deficits, visual-motor deficits, and pediatrics

Elizabeth Plansky

Specializes in: Orthopedic, neuro, pain management, mental health, and pediatrics

Emily Lemke

Specializes in: Hand, Wrist, upper extremity conditions, orthopedics, and mental health care 

Stephanie Burton

Specializes in: Upper body rehabilitation, cognitive deficits, home safety modifications for fall prevention.

Janice Schuurmans

Specializes in: Cognitive changes, upper extremities, pain, and difficulties, and home safety.

Behavioral Health

Margaret Gopaul

Specializes in: Mood disorders, depression, disorders, OCD,
stress, anxiety, trauma related disorders, and neurodevelopmental disorders

Michael Rose

Specializes in: ADHD, Stress, anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder, among many other disparities