Specialist neurology treatment: Online, evidence-based, and effective

Drug-free, neurorehabilitation from the comfort of your home

Has pain or disability taken a toll? Is a brain or nerve disorder affecting the way you live and the quality of your life? Are you sick of failed neurological physical therapy or neurorehabilitation recommendations that you just can’t do?

Neurology disorders can leave you feeling:

  • tired
  • sore
  • wired
  • stuck and/or unmotivated
  • sad or depressed
  • stressed or anxious
  • lonely and/or isolated
  • and more

Disability — either during a flare like with chronic pain, or long-term following significant injury or with chronic illness — can strike. A reduced capacity can exacerbating dysfunction and disability. 

Whether for physical or psychological reasons, you might find yourself withdrawing from, or missing, relationships, social events, or work.

If this sounds familiar, know you’re not alone.

A staggering <100 million Americans are affected by one or more of the 1000 neurological disorders. The good news amongst the bad is that because of the sheer volume of suffering, research into neurorehabilitation has powered ahead. New technology has been developed that’s proven to provide results.

In short, there is hope. Evidence-based treatment is available.

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Telemedicine Neurology: The Cutting Edge of Effective Neurological Physical Therapy Treatment

There are a range of problems with traditional therapy for neuro rehabilitation.

  • One, when you have a serious condition the commute can be a nightmare. If you can’t get to your sessions — say because you’re in a flare or too darn tired — your care and recovery will suffer.
  • Two, getting from your vehicle to the office can present challenges.
  • Three, many neuro conditions mean you’re more prone to infection. In a COVID-19-world, this is problematic.
  • Four, questions often pop-up in-between sessions. Traditionally, reaching out to a therapist when queries arise is frowned upon.

However, technology — and the way we use it at XRHealth — has changed the game.

Telemedicine neurology combines the speciality of caring for people with neurological conditions with the technology we now have available. Our therapy team includes licensed physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists; the exact experts needed for effective treatment completely online.

We also encourage in-app messaging between consults so you can get support anytime, anywhere.

Receive Evidence-based Neurology Treatment with VR at Home

Entertaining Therapy

Our neuro-rehab VR approach is fun and engaging. Instead of old-school therapy, it’ll feel just like you’re playing games. (You are!) But these games have been designed to get results; to transform your nervous system, encourage correct function, and to provide symptom relief.

Evidence-based Therapy

Studies show that VR therapy may be beneficial for people with neurological disorders. As you enjoy our playful treatments, your brain will change. By harnessing the power of neuroplasticity, you’ll improve the health and function of your neurons and nervous system. This may soothe your symptoms and improve your function.

1:1 Support

Recovery requires support. Treatment and guidance from a trained expert skyrockets your chance of success. At XRHealth, you’ll regularly consult with a dedicated licensed therapist. Then, if questions arise between sessions, you can use our in-app messaging service to receive a timely reply.

About XRHealth’s Neuro Rehab VR Approach

A range of key advantages are gained by embracing a VR-approach to neuro rehabilitation:

  • 1:1 consultations with a neurology treatment licensed therapist, including the ability to communicate between sessions
  • Benefit from the power of ground-breaking technology
  • Receive neurological treatment completely at home. No commute!
  • Your progression is closely tracked, reviewed, and revised
  • You may regain ability, control, and pain relief
  • You can get your quality of life back!

What's included?

  • VR headset sent to your home
  • Video calls and in-app messaging with your dedicated XRHealth therapist
  • Personalized plan-of-care, consistently updated based on your progress

Are you Eligible for Neurological Treatment?

  • If you suffer from a neurological condition, you could be a good candidate for our telemedicine neurology clinic
  • You’re 12 and up
  • You have experienced chronic symptoms for over 3 months

Note: Our medical VR applications treat certain health conditions, including neurological conditions. While exceedingly rare, if treatment is contraindicated due to another medical condition, we will let you know during our initial consultation.

During your initial evaluation appointment, the XRHealth therapist will determine if XRHealth VR therapy is right for you.

Where do we operate?

We provide services in MA, CA, FL, IL, GA, NY, and NJ.

In MA, we work with Tufts, Harvard Pilgrim, BCBS, Medicare, and Allways insurance providers.

Medicare also covers members in FL, CA, IL. In IL, we work with BCBS PPO.