Immersive360 Virtual Treatment Rooms for your Practice.

Enter the future of healthcare with VR- the next-level therapeutic offering for forward-thinking practices.

Integrate Immersive360 as a fully operational therapeutic VR solution

Virtual Treatment Rooms… moving beyond traditional therapy…

The transformational power of VR Therapeutics now has an innovative practice model to engage your patients, maximize revenue for your clinic, and provide data-driven therapy with measurable outcomes.

Immersive360 Virtual Treatment Rooms bring patient-centered care to YOUR patients.

Why add Virtual Treatment Rooms to your therapy offering?

Provide Exceptional Care

VR therapeutics offer an immersive experience within a fun, engaging modality, maximizing patient outcomes, increasing compliance, and optimizing functional carryover. 

Accessibility! Provide VR to your patients on-site or utilize our telehealth option to offer a comprehensive solution for remote care from the comfort and safety of patients’ homes.

Maximize Revenue

Optimize billing with reimbursable VR therapy, adding RTM codes, and enabling seamless telehealth options.

Decrease burden of patient cost on your organization through proven reduced hospital admissions, reduced surgical procedures, reduced urgent appointments, reduced fall risk.

Track progress & outcomes through data-driven care management interface.

Conventional treatment methods promise results; you can now demonstrate results with data.

Real-time metrics flow from the VR headset to a secure web data portal where your providers monitor, analyze, and provide feedback for the course of a patient’s treatment plan.

Let's do this! A fully integrated on-site and/or telehealth package is ready for use in your practice.

Seamless integration with training for your clinicians, tech support, logistics management…

Immersive360 Package Includes:

FDA-registered Medical & Therapeutic VR Virtual Treatment Rooms
VR Headset Kit
Clinician External Control and Data Portal Usage License
Clinician Training & Certification
Patient Mobile App
Tech Support for Clinicians

Game changing clinical outcomes drive evidence-based practice

Flexibility and Accessibility. Immersive360 models for your specific needs.

What our patients say about XRHealth

Rated 4.8/5 based on 133 reviews.

John M.

Pain Management and Stroke Rehabilitation

I’m still seeing things that can apply to my disabilities and so much other

Pamela P.

Shoulder Pain & Stress

I was pleasantly surprised by how much of a difference it made… I have much better range of motion…”

Zac J.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

I’m more focused at school and at home… and I’m getting more fit”

Barbara A.

Treatment of cancer-related symptoms

I’m actually golfing and I never though I would be able to swing a golf club again..

Stephanie Q.

Pain Management

I didn’t have to get in the car, wait in a waiting room, then do my Physical Therapy…”

Joseph O.

Parkinson’s Disease

XRHealth has really good Physical Therapists that work with you to create a personal plan…”

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