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Virtual Reality for Autism Therapy

Transform struggles into triumphs through the groundbreaking synergy of virtual reality and online autism therapy.

XRHealth is a new type of online therapy for autism spectrum disorder. Licensed clinicians combine evidence-based therapies with innovative virtual reality to deliver exceptional care.  

Innovative therapy for autism


Step One

Sign up and tell us what brings you into therapy. We’ll connect you with a licensed clinician specializing in autism.


Step Two

Engage in a live, online video session with your therapist and discuss your personalized care plan. Next, well send a VR Telehealth Kit straight to your doorstep.


Step Three

See your progress! Just attend your telehealth appointments and complete therapy sessions using the VR Telehealth Kit. Throughout your care plan, your XRHealth therapist will provide continuous guidance.

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What's included in our autism therapy software?

VR headset sent to your home

Receive your VR headset at home and incorporate it into your telehealth sessions with your therapist, as well as for assigned activities between sessions.

Video calls and in-app messaging with ASD Professionals

Maintain a seamless connection with your licensed therapist using video calls and in-app messaging. This ensures continuous support and guidance throughout therapy.

Personalized Online Therapy Plan for Individuals with Autism

Convenient and effective autism therapy delivered by licensed clinicians, and tailored to you or your child’s needs.

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What our patients say about XRHealth

Rated 4.8/5 based on 133 reviews.

John M.

Pain Management and Stroke Rehabilitation

I’m still seeing things that can apply to my disabilities and so much other

Pamela P.

Shoulder Pain & Stress

I was pleasantly surprised by how much of a difference it made… I have much better range of motion…”

Zac J.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

I’m more focused at school and at home… and I’m getting more fit”

Barbara A.

Treatment of cancer-related symptoms

I’m actually golfing and I never though I would be able to swing a golf club again..

Stephanie Q.

Pain Management

I didn’t have to get in the car, wait in a waiting room, then do my Physical Therapy…”

Joseph O.

Parkinson’s Disease

XRHealth has really good Physical Therapists that work with you to create a personal plan…”

Revolutionizing therapy for autism
Immersive and Engaging

Traditional therapeutic methods not cutting it? VR therapy is not only fun, but effective as well.

Clinically Backed

Three decades of research support the use of virtual reality in mental health. Collaborate with your XRHealth therapist to develop a treatment plan aligned with your therapy goals.

100% Online

No waiting rooms. No traveling necessary. Just 1-on-1 support from a licensed clinician when and where you need it.

Personalized Autism Therapy

Access real-time appointments with licensed therapists. Your therapist will help develop a plan uniquely tailored to address your specific needs and well-being.

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  • How Does VR Autism Therapy Differ from Traditional Methods?

    In contrast to in-person sessions, online autism therapy allows you to engage in therapeutic activities from the comfort of your own space, eliminating the need to travel to the therapy office.  

    Virtual reality leverages immersive experiences to enhance traditional therapeutic methods. By transporting individuals to controlled virtual environments, it offers a unique and impactful way for therapists to help individuals with autism learn and practice new skill in therapy.

  • Is Virtual Reality for Autism Therapy Suitable for Individuals with No Experience in using VR Devices?

    Yes. Individuals do not need any prior experience with VR devices to engage successfully in virtual reality therapy Whether you’re familiar with technology or new to these devices, our program is accessible to individuals of all experience levels, ensuring everyone can tap into the therapeutic potential of virtual reality.

  • Who Will Provide the Autism Therapy?

    XRHealth clinicians providing online therapy are licensed mental health professionals, physical therapists, and occupational therapist. All XRHealth clinicians are also experts in telehealth and virtual reality therapy.

  • What Types of Therapy Are Available Through Virtual Reality?

    At XRHealth we offer physical therapy, occupational therapy, and behavioral health services.  

    For individuals with autism, VR therapy sessions can address: 

    • Communication and social skills 
    • Emotion regulation 
    • Stress and anxiety management 
    • Balance and coordination 
    • Motor skills 
    • Life skills 
    • And more!