What We Treat

Our therapists provide drug-free, personalized therapy.

What we offer?

  • VR headset sent to your home
  • Video calls and in-app messaging with your dedicated XRHealth therapist
  • Personalized plan-of-care, consistently updated based on your progress
  • What is XRHealth?

    XRHealth is a pioneering platform and clinic at the intersection of healthcare and Extended Reality (AR/VR) technology. It offers a suite of VR therapeutic applications designed to enhance patient care through immersive experiences. These tools are used for a variety of health conditions, including mental health, physical rehabilitation, and cognitive improvement, providing both patients and providers with advanced options for treatment and therapy.

  • What is Virtual Reality?

    Virtual reality refers to the 3D computer-made virtual environments that simulate real-life environments in a realistic and controlled manner. The main virtue of virtual reality is that after a few minutes in an environment, it produces a sense of immersion and presence. This means that patients will feel the same emotions, thoughts and reactions as in a real environment, but in a controlled manner.

  • What is Virtual Reality therapy?

    Virtual reality therapy is an innovative treatment approach using virtual reality technology to simulate environments for therapeutic purposes. It’s used to address a range of psychological and physical conditions by immersing patients in virtual scenarios that aid in treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery.

  • Who is this for?

    XRHealth is designed for both individuals seeking accessible, effective treatment options for various health conditions and healthcare providers looking to integrate cutting-edge VR therapy into their practice. The virtual therapy platform is robust, and can support a wide range of health needs such as patients with mental health issues, physical rehabilitation needs, or cognitive impairments, as well as therapists and medical institutions.

  • How is Virtual Reality therapy applied in healthcare?

    Behavioral health, physical therapy, and occupational therapy professionals use evidence-based virtual reality tools to aid in delivering targeted and effective treatments for a wide range of conditions.

  • Which conditions can be addressed through Virtual Reality therapy?

    Evidence-based virtual reality can be used to help providers address a wide range of conditions. VR is not a treatment on its own and requires a qualified healthcare provider to deliver treatment. Clinicians can address a range of conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism, traumatic brain injury, acute/chronic pain, fatigue, insomnia, neurological conditions, and more.

  • Is Virtual Reality therapy safe?

    Virtual reality therapy is safe when administered by qualified healthcare professionals. It is designed to provide controlled and monitored therapeutic experiences. All our therapists are licensed care providers and here to provide you with the highest quality care to help you feel your best.

Are you a healthcare provider?

Refer your patients to XRHealth Virtual Clinic to improve patient-centered outcomes and timely access to care. ​

​We offer on-demand therapy for a range of medical conditions, from chronic pain to ADHD to Parkinson’s, using our FDA registered VR medical applications. ​

​You can also increase your revenue utilizing our remote patient monitoring portal.