What We Treat

Our therapists provide drug-free, personalized therapy.


XRHealth Virtual Clinic specializes in:

Physical Therapy

Stress / Anxiety / Depression Management


Occupational Therapy

Speech-Language Therapy

Memory & Cognitive Training

Pain Management

Post-COVID Rehab

Support Groups

XRHealth VR applications

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XRHealth clinicians

Better health outcomes

Our VR applications have been developed for medical use, to make therapy more engaging and to provide real-time data to you and your clinician about your progress. ​

The exercises are customized to keep the optimal challenge level throughout the course of treatment. ​

All of our VR applications are FDA registered. ​

Covered by insurance for over
50 million people

We work with the following insurance companies:

What we offer?

  • VR headset sent to your home
  • Video calls and in-app messaging with your dedicated XRHealth therapist
  • Personalized plan-of-care, consistently updated based on your progress
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XRHealth is a virtual clinic that provides medical and therapeutic treatments via telehealth. Virtual reality (VR) therapy treatments are delivered via FDA-registered medical VR applications, guided by licensed therapists.

Like all healthcare, costs vary depending on your symptoms and treatments. However, we can proudly say that XRHealth is an in-network provider with most insurance companies. We deal with your insurance provider directly, so you can focus on your recovery. If your health insurance plan does not cover XRHealth, you can pay out-of-pocket for the service. Learn more about our affordable Direct Pay Plan.

Step 1: Sign up, tell us a little about you and your symptoms, and choose an XRHealth therapist. ​

Step 2: Meet your therapist on a live, online video appointment. Your therapist performs a clinical evaluation and establishes a plan of care. Then, we’ll ship a VR Telehealth Kit to your home. ​

Step 3: Feel better! Show up to your telehealth appointments and complete your skilled therapy sessions with the VR Telehealth Kit. You’ll receive ongoing guidance from your XRHealth therapist during your plan of care.

You will be matched with a licensed XRHealth therapist based on a few factors like their specialty, availability, and location. Each therapist is licensed with the state(s) where they provide service and undergo a comprehensive onboarding and training process. Our therapists include experienced and licensed physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists. Our therapists are enthusiastic about medical virtual reality and providing high-quality compassionate care to their patients.


Aside from being completely remote, XRHealth uses VR technology to assist your recovery like never before. Our applications are designed to not only guide you but also measure your movements. This is not possible with traditional recovery and gives your XRHealth therapist actionable data. Also, it’s fun! Traditional therapy can be monotonous and unimaginative. With XRHealth, you can expect to enjoy the VR exercise and may even need to stop yourself from using it too often!

Are you a healthcare provider?

Refer your patients to XRHealth Virtual Clinic to improve patient-centered outcomes and timely access to care. ​

​We offer on-demand therapy for a range of medical conditions, from chronic pain to ADHD to Parkinson’s, using our FDA registered VR medical applications. ​

​You can also increase your revenue utilizing our remote patient monitoring portal.



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Education: Doctor of Physical Therapy from University of Michigan-Flint

Years in Practice: 10

Education: Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work from Grand Valley State University

Years in Practice: 14

Education: Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from Eastern Michigan University 

Years in Practice: 19