Medical Virtual Reality featured on the Rachael Ray Show.

At first glance, virtual reality (VR) technology might seem worlds away from widespread use in traditional healthcare. Keep in mind, this is exactly how laser technology was viewed early on, and now it’s commonly used in routine surgery. The reality is that for the past several years, medical professionals and healthcare experts have been researching and analyzing the impact of using VR across the healthcare ecosystem, including as a medical treatment medium. Repeatedly, they have seen positive outcomes and promising results.

VR is not only challenging the effectiveness of traditional treatment methods, but in some cases, it’s even surpassing it, creating a new healthcare paradigm in its wake. Medical VR is emerging as a leading treatment to reduce recovery times for various medical conditions, from pain management to physical therapy to respiratory recovery. An added bonus is that anyone can experience the benefits of medical VR from the comfort of their home by using technology available today, like the applications from XRHealth. For some, this could mean cutting out several trips to a doctor or specialist.

It’s promising that we are starting to see medical VR get the recognition it deserves. Last week, a VR pain management application from XRHealth was featured on the Rachael Ray Show. Pain treatment through VR has been under refinement for years, and it’s gearing up to exceed prescription drugs as a leading pain management method.

Watch as Dr. Roshini Raj demonstrates on the Rachael Ray Show how medical VR technology from XRHealth works for pain management:

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