How Virtual Reality Is Drastically Improving the Results of Therapy

Rehabilitation is Now Made Impressively Easy Thanks to Virtual Reality (VR) There seemingly are no limits to what Virtual Reality is capable of achieving in the medical field. Furthermore, there is growing evidence that VR and associated technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) will help overcome a myriad of challenges in the medical field and other […]

Virtual Reality in Physical Therapy 101

 Why VR is Bound to Revolutionize Physical Therapy Many of us, at one point or another in our lives, have been involved in accidents that end up causing extensive physical damage, rendering the normal functioning of the body hard or nigh impossible. It could’ve been a car accident, a mishap at the place of work […]

A Patient’s Perspective: How Virtual Reality is Changing Physical Therapy

A Walk through the Rehabilitation Process using Traditional Physical Therapy Methods vs. Virtual Reality – Assisted Healing You need surgery after injuring your neck. As you plan for your surgery you consider how this will affect your daily routine, the time you’ll need to take off school or work and how you’re going to get […]